Au-mazing Gifts Virtual Summit Week

Monday October 16-20, 2017

This week's virtual summit will be short mini workshops where you will learn tips, tricks and techniques that answers your questions on how to IGNITE the most au-mazing parent that you can be. 

The host, Dr. Alisha Griffith  (aka Dr. Ali) uses her personal and profession experience and education as an Autism mom, Audiologist, Speech Language Pathologist, autism communication expert, Autism Parent Ignite Coach author of Au-mazing Gift: A Journey to Autism Acceptance and invites  an A plus team of unique trailblazing experts and strategists to help answer your questions that keep you up at night with worry, fatigue and frustration as an Autism parent.

Autism Caregivers will feel empowered, enriched and equipped as a result of this week listening and implementing the tools given by our special guests.
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Participants will learn strategies in:

     behavior management
     ● advocating for the Autistic child
     ● how to save more to take better care
     ● building a legacy of wealth

     ● sensory experiences
     ● communication connection

     ● how to start or join a group for support
     ● IEP tips and tricks

     .... and so much more

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Experts like Dr. Marcie, Kris Miller, Jennifer Matthews.
Autism mom experts like myself, Debra Vines, Kendra Garcia, Nikki M..and more in specific areas of their gifts will be there and ignited with answers for you


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